We create images. And we mean that in several ways. As photographers, we make pictures. Images. As designers, we craft logos, websites–visual anchors that people will recognize and enjoy as our clients’ public identities– their image. As creators of content, we deliver what is best about you or your organization, what makes you tick, how you see your place in the world, all that you feel is essential to you and your work– your image. To do all of this, we begin by listening. We reach the middle of the project by listening. We complete the project by listening. We invite you to have a look at what we’ve heard from our clients.

Michael Hogle, Painter   michaelhogle.com

home page of michaelhogle.com

We were pleased to be asked to create a classic look for painter Michael Hogle’s website. The tones, the font, the design itself were created to serve as a subtle, architectural backdrop for his work, much of which is inspired by classical architecture and sculpture. We felt that Michael’s work spoke for itself. We provided the frame.

“My website has become indispensible. I always dreaded the point in the conversation when I would be asked  “What do your paintings look like?”  Now I have a clear and instant response. I happily left all the decisions from background color to image selection to those who know best.  The result is accessible and attractive. Now if I am asked about my work, I may still mumble ‘…something like Diebenkorn if he focused on Bonnard instead of Matisse”, but I am now able to simply hand over the smart phone and smile. I have become visually articulate thanks to 6eighteen.”


Gloria Hoffner, Owner and CEO, ‘Science for Seniors’  scienceforseniors.net

A page from Science for Seniors, a website we designed for Gloria Hoffner

For Gloria Hoffner, we created a site that included information on every page that was easy to access and use. Gloria brings scientific experiments, videos, and instruction to seniors who are interested in science, but who may not have easy access to learning about it. And she makes it fun.  Her clients– retirement villages, senior center activities directors– need to access information on upcoming events quickly and easily, and can do so via her blog. We also wanted to create a site that reflected Gloria’s delight in and her curiosity (the above image shows The Mars Curiosity Rover reading Gloria’s book, ‘Science for Seniors’...ha!) about science. The logo for Science for Seniors came easily once we placed her site in the stars.

“6 eighteen created both the logo and website for my business, Science for Seniors. They also created the images used on my website and on the cover of my book, ‘Science for Seniors.’ In short, I trusted them with every aspect of my site’s look and feel. I’ve received many terrific compliments on the professional look of the logo and website, and the ease of getting around the site. I would highly recommend the quality of their work.”